Monday, February 3, 2014

Diablo 3 Stuff

       It's been a long time and I'm not dead yet! In an effort to keep this blog chronological I have posted images of many of the Diablo 3 Environments that I worked on before 2012. Many of the areas were done in collaboration with other artists on the team but I was the owner of zones such as the Festering Wood and the Fields of Slaughter/Edge of the Abyss.

My focus was level/zone art (building components/assets and putting them together using Maya and our editor) but I also worked on some layout, lighting, textures, icons, skyboxes and assisted with a few of the scripted sequences for the game.

Personal Environment Art Keystones:

Depth - by using fog to create value separation to split the environment into clear planes

Silhouette - using layered alphas to create interesting shapes (ex. trees, rocks, spikes etc.)

Points of Interest - using lighting and color to focus the viewer (torches,lava, local fog)

Story - tell a simple story (ex. parts of a bridge collapsed due to a past war, old ropes and pulleys to move supplies, abandoned campsite, barricades, ruins etc.)

Diablo 3 Launch Pics (Irvine Spectrum 5-14-2012)

A bunch of us did not shave for many months (even years for some) and were shaved up on stage during the Diablo 3 launch event. I am the half looking guy with the glasses on the right.

I added the extra challenge of not cutting my hair.

 Amazing cosplay...

At the signing table with a few of my fellow Team 3 members (along with another Kevin Griffith).

 Pinto's beard and my hair.

 The Bankards, my wife Constance and Jay.

 The Griffiths.

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